Rally de obediencia Caniscool

Rally Obedience


SUNDAYS: classes from 18:00 to 19:00, start 7th of April

Price: 260€/level (IVA incl.)


Our Rally O courses consist in 3 levels of 8 classes each, once per week.
In the training sessions we work on obedience tasks, heelwork, concentration, motivation and speed exercises.
Bring your dog and try this new discipline!

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Rally Obedience (Rally O) is a new canine sport discipline that includes elements of obedience and agility and that has been adapted in a more friendly and accessible way in which the focus is on fun, communication and an improvement of the bond between the guide and her/his dog.
Rally O was created in the USA by Charles Bud Kramer with the intention of popularising the idea of working with dogs and developing a practice that is accessible to everyone. It can be practised by anybody who wishes to work with and have fun with their dog; people who do not wish to focus entirely on perfection (which is the focus in traditional obedience classes); or anyone who is not comfortable or able to take part in agility courses, for whatever reason.

It is accessible for every type of dog and handler including children, the elderly, people who do not have full physical capacity and people who use wheelchairs. Rally O is also ideal for those who wish to develop their dog’s ability further and those who simply want to do “something” with their dog and haven’t found an appropriate discipline. That is to say, Rally O is for everyone.
It is a team sport that requires cooperation between the dog and handler, along with the skills to perform each exercise. Both dog and handler are required to complete a sequence of activities with the difficulty of the task varying dependent on the level of the course – at basic level this might be a simple exercise in which the dog is required to remain in a sit position for a number of seconds, a walk backwards or to turn whilst heeling; at advanced level this might be to send him or her to jump an obstacle or bring a specific object.
The handler can talk to the dog, cheer it, whistle or use any kind of motivation, both visual and voice commands are allowed – the most important concept is that the team works well together and produces the required results.

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