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SUNDAY 12:00-13:00, start 17th of November
SATURDAY 12:00-13:00, start 30th of November

Course is held in English.
Aimed at puppies up to 16 weeks of age.
Consists of 6 practical outdoor sessions and 2 theoretical classes held in a classroom.

Puppies will learn:

  • to control their emotions and inhibit their bite
  • to play properly
  • to pay attention to its owner, even when there are diversions
  • basic obecience commands: come, sit, lie down, stay, dropp, leave it
  • walking on the leash
  • to communicate with other dogs correctly
  • to wear a collar and walk properly on a leash
  • to become familiar with different people, situatios, sounds and surfaces

Humans will learn:

  • to deal with common problems such as potty training, jumping, chewing and play biting
  • to introduce their puppy to new dogs
  • to control their puppy using motivation and rewards
  • to calm their puppy down
  • to make their puppy feel comfortable spending time alone without separation anxiety
  • how and when to punish their puppy
  • to understand canine body language

One of the most important stages in a puppy’s life – that can very profoundly affect the future character of a dog – is the socialisation period. This very sensitive period takes place between 3 weeks and four months of age and is the period in a puppy’s life in which it quickly acquires many social, emotional and cognitive skills. Correct socialisation during this period substantially increases the probability that a dog will go on to have a balanced, stable and predictable character. On the contrary, dogs that fail to socialise properly during this period are at risk of developing a range of behavioural problems such as aggression. This early stage in a puppy’s life is also the time in which rules and boundaries should be established and when the beginning of a strong dog/owner bond is created.

The courses at Escuela Infantíl Can is Cool are designed to meet the needs of both the puppy at this important stage of its life and the new puppy owner, who equally has much to learn about his or her new canine friend.

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