Dog behaviour problems

If there are elements of your dog’s behaviour that are problematic or that make your life together difficult, such as fear that your dog might attack other dogs, animals or people; your dog is destructive whilst you are away or leaves faeces for you when he or she is left alone; your neighbours complain that your dog barks whilst you are away; your dog is afraid to go outside or certain noises make him panic; if your dog is overactive and difficult to calm down; or if he or she repeatedly licks his paws or presents other repetitive behaviours etc. – you need a behaviour consultation.
Our team of behaviourists can help to treat behavioural problems related to separation, aggression, anxiety, housetraining, fear, phobia and stress.
The causes of behaviour problems are often complex. To address these issues we take into account the learning processes (a learned behaviour is repeated because somehow it is beneficial to the animal), its health and welfare, its general functioning, its emotions, its relationship with the rest of the family, living conditions, its experiences (especially early ones), its breed or type characteristics, its diet and way of eating.
Analysis of all these data collected through a detailed interview and observation of the animal in its natural environment allows us to identify the cause of the behaviour problem and tailor a therapy plan for your dog that encompasses behaviour modification, changes in the environment and daily routines, dietary modifications, education and training, use of nutraceuticals, pheromones and drugs.
The therapy process needs to be followed-up, with the frequency depending on the case, which is done through follow-up visits or if the case allows, by phone or by e-mail.

Behavioural consultations are conducted at home.


First consultation 80€ (IVA incl.)
Follow-up sessions 70€/sesión (IVA incl.)

For appointments outside of the city of Barcelona travel expenses of 0.19 € / kilometer will be added


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