Can is Cool Centro Canino is a dog training school in Barcelona.

At Can is Cool we offer a wide range of services related to the human/canine world, including group dog training courses, puppy classes, individual dog training, behavioural cosultations, seminars and Rally Obedience. All courses and classes take place in our spacious outdoor facilities in Vall d’Hebron and are given in English.
All courses and classes at Can is Cool Centro Canino are based on positive reinforcement. We work on finding a balance between reinforcing the desired dog behaviour, and creating an authority figure that is based on mutual understanding and trust. We teach dog owners how to understand their dogs and how to communicate with them in order to create a bond based on collaboration and confidence.
At Can is Cool we help dog owners to detect and correct unwanted behaviour in order to maintain a balanced and healthy relationship between humans and their four-legged companions. We understand the importance of canine education, and how life skills, once acquired, will allow us to form deep bonds with our dogs and vice versa in order to achieve the kind of easy and rewarding human-canine coexistence that we desire.



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